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At InWith Corp., we know exactly what the next big thing is: Augmenting the capabilities of the greatest invention of all time .... the human body. The future of the human body is technologically enhanced senses from vision to touch, all the way to enhanced cognitive function to strength and endurance. There will be new drug delivery methods and new healing via regeneration of cells. There will be real-time monitoring of all your body's organs and vitals if you choose, via micro-sensors and access anytime to your personal body data. Imagine the possibilities to extend longevity.

InWith Corp. is recruiting some of the brightest minds in the life sciences and technology to bring the most promising new technologies to market. We have selected EPGL's portfolio of IP and ideas for vision enhancement as our first big project to bring to market. From real-time adjustable vision to augmented vision via contact lenses, this is one of the most exciting and promising new body technology fields. 


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